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CITIZEN CTD505 Release

New CITIZEN CTD505 Digital Ear Thermometer


From our innovative R&D Japanese team, another remarkable creation has been brought to you. They gathered all useful information to make a product irresistible to the market, giving our valued CITIZEN Products the edge to continue being the top choice in their region.

We cannot wait but speculate the magnet of interest for the latest edition of CITIZEN Digital Ear Thermometer CTD505. As it can withstand the highly competitive market by having up-to-date features that will “wow” your customers.


Uncover the Latest Edition to CITIZEN Digital Ear Thermometers

Importance of Having a Thermometer at Home

It is highly recommended for each household to have at least one thermometer intended for primary care and protection. Per doctor’s advice, regular monitoring of our body temperature is a must. As they always say, “health is wealth” and there is nothing more important than being healthy.

Babies and children (4 years and below) are more vulnerable to sickness as their immune system has not been fully developed. It requires urgent attention, especially when the first sign of a serious illness is fever, and a young child’s precious life must never be put to risk. And, prevention starts by making it a habit to take body temperature readings at home.

 Technology that Cares

All objects, including human bodies, emit electromagnetic radiation. With the aid of technology, using an infrared sensor, a digital thermometer can detect thermal radiation in warm areas of the body like the ears to measure body temperature. It has been proven to perform perfectly, giving fast and precise readings for all ages.

The New CITIZEN Digital Ear Thermometer CTD505 is ergonomically designed to recognize fever with just one press. Featuring the “Fever Alert” technology that turns the LED screen Red when reading is 37.5°C or higher, and turns Green when reading is lower than 37.5°C in less than three seconds. The main device is anti-bacterial and fully compliant with ISO 22196 standards. It saves time and money from buying probe covers as cleaning is not an issue, even by just wiping it with a clean tissue is enough. This new development connotes convenience in terms of cost, proper hygiene and reliability.

 Penetrating the Market through Diversion not Deviation

Every time CITIZEN Healthcare comes up with a new model it answers to the high demand of consumers for an advanced and effective product that can last for a lifetime. Nowadays, countless supply of medical devices is troubling the market, making it difficult to find the right product. This only means to show that an individual is willing to spend for quality rather than a deviation from cheap imitations, positioning CTD505 as the perfect device to cover this demand.