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CITIZEN CHU304/CHU305 Release


New CITIZEN BPM to cover a very extensive & deserted Market Gap

We know that as a CITIZEN Customer you have your TRUST placed in us, that is why CITIZEN is always trying to bring you the latest of the technology with the best price to help reaching a successful healthy living.

We are sure that you already noticed that there is an unmet costumer need in the market, and a group of potential customers who are not yet purchasing Blood Pressure Monitors.


Who are them?

They are the ones who are searching for quality products at an affordable price. People who doesn’t trust in unknown brands and find it useless to pay low price for a product which will not only function only few times but also give wrong measurement. People who demands the best technology, products with an extended quantity of features but yet with prices that they can afford to pay in this shaken economy that we are living nowadays.

CITIZEN comes to cover this Gap in the Market, giving the opportunity to companies like yours to expand your customer base by increasing awareness and creating targeted offers to reach this untapped market.


Meet the New CITIZEN BPM who was developed to reach these customer needs

Blood Pressure Monitor CHU304 / CHU305


Wide Range Cuff (22.0cm – 42.0cm)

This feature had become vital in most of the markets. Cardiovascular diseases are still the leading causes of death world-wide, and Hypertension is the most important and controllable risk factor, but treatments are still unsatisfactory due to deficiency in blood pressure measurements. Studies show that from these hypertensive sector of the population, 40% of them are considered obese.

It is not possible to have a right measurement if the cuff doesn’t fit the patient’s arm size, that’s why obese people face problem when buying a BPM. It is difficult for them to find a large size cuff.

CITIZEN has designed this new Wide Range Cuff that perfectly fits not only obese person’s arm (facilitating an accurate measurement), but also fits to any other arm size, giving the possibility for everyone to use the cuff.


Available from July 2015