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CITIZEN CHU503 Release

In today’s world healthcare is the new key for good living. Worldwide more than 1 billion people are affected with High Blood Pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage or a stroke. Also diabetics, kidney failure patients and pregnant women should frequently keep control of their pressure. Unfortunately, most affected people don’t measure their blood pressure regularly as the measurement method is too complicated and uncomfortable to be part of a daily routine.

In CITIZEN Healthcare we are always trying to develop devices with the highest technology, easy to use and extremely reliable. Our mission lies in the research and development of innovative technologies that allow patients to monitor essential health parameters in a simple way, that is why we believe that knowing our blood pressure measurement is one of the simplest health checks but it is also one of the most important that can easily be done in the comfort of our own home.

Following our strong commitment to improve the quality of people’s life we are proud to announce the launch of our new CITIZEN CHU503, including the new feature of Hypertension detection. This device has the most advance features that can be found in the market, plus the new indicator for easily recognizing the danger of the pressure level. Between the many features of this modern and stylish white based device you will find:

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