Island Gate is your Partner in Helping the World and Improving Quality of Life

The company was established in 2004 to facilitate the medicinal world. We work as one of the best medical and homecare supply companies. Combined with the best customer service, we have come a long way in creating a smooth and hassle-free ecosystem. IGT not only provides the best brands and medical equipment at competitive prices but also offers real-time help to deal with any issue that comes in your way of reaching the customers. Currently, Island Gate is actively operating to find distributors of CITIZEN Healthcare, CITIZEN Calculators and L’Docile homecare in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and CIS nations. Our headquarters are based in Dubai and soon we will be expanding our services further. We are committed to providing the healthcare industry with an innovative solution and helping them improve their overall performance with premium brands including CITIZEN and L’Docile.

Island Gate understands the challenges and, therefore, strives to build a hassle-free bridge between you and your customers so you can earn brand loyalty easily. We have an impeccable chain of service centers, warehouses, and after-sales services. Further, IGT has a network of inventory management systems in Jebel Ali, Dubai. We can always help you and solve any query whatsoever in no time. Our wide network enables us to cater to inquiries in a cost-effective manner and in time. Feel free to contact us and talk to our representatives right away.

Our Mission
To support the healthcare sector and boost the performance for mutual
well being and prosperity.

We believe in providing reliable services so that satisfaction is guaranteed all the way from the brands to suppliers and to ultimate customers. IGT focuses on leading a life of contribution and commitment that can actually create a difference. Customer focus is the key and we are bound by this mission which makes us a leading name in the industry. With that, Island Gate continuously strives to improve the quality of services, maintain punctuality and deliver innovative quality products.

From pre-sale support to after-sales services to our B2B clients, we carry out our dealings with professionalism, efficiency, and integrity so that you can completely trust and rely on our services. At Island Gate, our team focuses on crafting a client-based strategy to further improve quality standards and achieve mutual growth with innovation and partnership. With professional commitment, we tend to achieve our long-term goals and succeed in the market providing mutual benefits to all our partners including customers and suppliers.

Our Vision

To develop a hassle-free ecosystem and achieve the mutual goal of improved quality of life with breakthrough technology.

Island Gate outshines at this strategy as we realize the struggles our customers face. The team is always ready to bring innovative technology to the market to ensure a healthy lifestyle around the world. We define our business procedures with strong customer relationships. We believe in adding value for customers with high-quality products, competitive pricing, convenience, availability, timely delivery and impeccable after-sales services.