Digital Infrared Thermometer
  • Newly released 4 measurement modes infrared thermometer
  • Japanese design concept for easy holding and proper measurement
  • Japanese patented temperature correction method for best accurate results
  • With big screen & back light function for easy reading
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  • Exclusive Temperature Correction Method
  • 1 second measurement
  • 4 measurement modes
  • No probe cover needed
  • With back light function
  • Fever alert
  • 9 sets memory
  • Automatic power off
  • Selectable °C / °F

Japanese patented temperature correction method for best accurate results

“This temperature measuring device is equipped with a temperature detection means for detecting the temperature of the measuring object member by the intensity of the infrared ray from the measuring object member, a correction temperature measuring means for measuring the temperature of a facing member facing to the measuring object member or the temperature of the member whose temperature is changed correlatively with a temperature change of the facing member, and an operation means for correcting a detected temperature acquired by the temperature detection means by the correction temperature acquired by the correction temperature measuring means.”

In simple words, the temperature detected by CTD711 is only the one in front of the infrared sensor, and even if there are temperature changes in the surrounding (for example around the head while measuring the forehead) the measurement will recalculate itself and will not be affected by these surrounding changes, making the device extremely accurate even in changing environments.



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CTD711 Specs

  • Temperature detection method


  • Battery

    DC3V (Lithium Battery: CR2032 × 1)

  • Accuracy

    Forehead / Ear:
    Celsius: ±0.2°C (35.5-42.0°C)
    Fahrenheit: ±0.4°F (95-107.6°F)
    Other range: ±0.3°C

    Object surface:
    ±0.3°C (0.5°F): 22.0-42.2°C (71.6-108°F)
    Other range: ±4% or ±2°C (4°F)

    Room temperature: ±1°C (2°F)

  • Measurement range

    Forehead, Ear: 34.0°C-42.2°C (93.2-108°F)

    Object surface: -22-80°C (-7.6-176°F)

    Room temperature: 10-40°C (50-104°F)

  • Outside dimensions

    Approx. W45 × L106 × D61.2mm

  • Battery Life

    2,800 times

  • Measurement mode

    Forehead, Ear, Object surface, room temperature

  • Weight

    Approx. 63.6g (including battery)