Citizen Systems has produced reliable healthcare products over the past decades which include Digital Thermometers, Compressor Nebulizers, and Blood Pressure Monitors. The distinct characteristic of Citizen Systems is that we feel delighted to serve people with pocket-friendly portable products so they can keep a track of their health indicators without spending a fortune on it.

We believe healthcare is the most vital need of any human being because as it’s the guardian of our most important possession – our life. Blood Pressure Monitors are the top-selling product of Citizen Healthcare developed by Citizen’s Japanese engineers dedicated to healthcare products. They come in a multitude of shapes and types offering different applications.

Wrist BPMs are capable of keeping a track of your cardiovascular activity while you do everyday tasks. It also warns you about hazardous heart activity if it detects life-threatening situations. They are light-weight, compact and perfect for everyday life just like a regular watch. Arm BPMs are portable and compact. They are the easiest and most reliable way of measuring your blood pressure. With a battery lasting up to 400 readings, they are highly cost-effective.